Saturday, March 28, 2009

Headed off to the Pan Ams

I'm headed off to the BJJ Pan Ams, unfortunatly I'm not competing this year but I love Jiu Jitsu and Cali to much to stay away. Who's going or has been to the Pan Ams? What'd you do and what did you think. Arhhggg I gotta get back on the mat.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So what do you think, longer clips or shorter clips, more zoom, more light, more explanation, or more silence. Tell me what you think of the clips as artistic works but remember these are my favorite exercises and they can do so much for you if you just practice them a little hear and there.

And even a little boxing technique

The Two Magic Words


It's about time I used this blasted thing, I've been debting over what to make these first few post about and well I've decided to just make it simple and straight forward. I'm going to talk about the two most important words in my training program weather it be for health, competition, or self defense. The same two words ALWAYS COME UP. What are these words you may ask, well I'll tell you. They are


That's Right I said More and Better. Why More and Better, because thats what I'm always looking for More and Better, More technique, More balance, More Reps, More endurance, More Options, More victores, and as for better will better for all of the same. Better technique, Better Balance, Better Reps, Better endurance, Better options, and of course Better Victories. The words more and better have driven me for years to become a better competititor, coach, athlete and I hope a better person. I believe that drive is absolutly neccisary in order to fullfill your potential and thats what I hope to do for myself, my blog, and my website, and well I'm happy to report I've finnaly maid some headway in that direction regarding my website and blog. Huh, how did I do that, simple, I did what I've been telling people I've been planing for some time now, oh you haven't been listing so you don't know what that is. Well I'm finally putting in that video section people have been begging me for. People will finally stop staring at me with that confused look when I say T-Pushup, Toetouches, Rocker, or even Russian uppercut, (well they won't if they either keep up their training with me or check out the new videos' I have up on my site and in my youtube channel Now these new videos aren't going to turn you into a ninja overnight or into lance armsstrong or Ronnie Coleman but they will definatly help you become More and Better. I've already started integrating them into the old webpages so now the workouts will have pop ups to show what each of the exercises is (I know I can be confusing to newbies but what can I say cookie cutter workouts are for cookies, my workouts are for athletes on the move LITERELY.

Anyway thats the big news for now, theirs at least 36 clips up now with a bare minimum of 50 up by Friday. If there's ever been a exercise or drill I did that you liked this is your chance to contact me so I know it's something that should be up for the world to see.

Talk to you soon, and feel free to ask me questions, obviously I over think this stuff sometimes.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dynamic Concepts here in LA

The Dynamic Concepts Training System has arrived in Hollywood and there will be BIG WAVES!!!