Saturday, May 22, 2010

The 20 minute workout

S Ball back stretch: 30 seconds to a minute (just relax on the ball and stretch your back)
Hip circles x5L, x5R
Toe touches x5

Bridge x20

Russian twist x20

Toe touches x5
Hip circles x5L x5R
Squat and reach x10
Forward lunge and twist x20

Judo pushups x10

Side lunge and chop x20

Spider Pushups x10

Reverse lunge and Press x20
T-Pushup x10

Woodchops x10L x 10R

1-2 minute Break

Dumbbell swings heavy x10
Dumbbell swings light x 15

1-2 minute break

Dumbbell Swings heavy x10
Dumbbell swings light x20

5 toe touches