Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shin Kim No Gi Judo Throws for Grappling and MMA

How to use no gi Judo to throw. Notice how he uses the bodies natural control points to set up and execute his throws. A quick Bio on Shin Kim: A 4 th Degree Black belt in Judo and a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Leo Dalla, he also earned a Bachelor of Judo from Young-In University in Yong In, Korea in 1998 and completed a semester at a graduate school on Physical Education. He was the 1996 South Korea Olympic Alternate. He has been competing in the elite World level. He is also a Purple Belt in Brazilian under Lloyd Irvin and a Brazilian Jui-jitsu national champion and has been training muay thai for 7 years. Brief Competition History: Korean national judo tournament bronze medal 1992/4, 20th national judo champion 1992/7, 63th YMCA national judo silver medal 1992/8, 4th National judo championship gold medal, National university bronze medal 1995/5, 5th international judo Bronze medal1995/11, American open silver medal 2003/4 Shin Kim No Gi Judo Throws for Grappling and MMA

Clinching 101: Head control / Head fighting for Grappling, MMA, & Dirty Boxing

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