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Relentless MMA's aproach to Self Defense



     At Relentless MMA Self Defense is one of our TOP concerns.  The gym was founded on the principal being able to protect oneself from a bigger, stronger, and even faster opponent/attacker.  All of our techniques in ALL of our classes are aimed toward that end.  

     In our Muay Thai class we work being able to throw punches, kicks, knees and elbows, while at the same time being able to defend the same.  In our Free Style Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Submission Wrestling classes we focus on how to perform throws, sweeps, takedowns, "GET HOME SAFELY." that's it, we believe once someone tries to stop you from going home to your family and loved ones then they are a threat.  We teach everyone to first try to "Verbally Deescalate" or talk your way out, after that, walk away, if those two methods don't work then.... Well then they shouldn't have tried to stop you from going home.  If you use a Muay Thai kick with a Judo foot sweep to get home then thats fine.  If you just start screaming at a attacker and throw things at them till they leave you alone that's fine.  If you have to poke someone in the eye and run a mile, climb a fence, and break a car window to set off a alarm to get home safely then that's fine too. We also understand things some martial arts or fighting systems don't is that "Situation Dictates Response", sometimes the situation is you might be carrying groceries so you can't do a series of punches and kicks, the situation might be, you're 40-60 years old and can't do a head kick, or as some styles suggest kick a weapon out of someones hand.  We try to stick to simple principals, using our minds, abilities, and environment to give us the highest chance of success in everything we do.  When it comes to self defense we want our students to be empowered with knowledge and skills that at some point may save their life if they do find themselves in a horrible situation but if they don't we want them to feel comfortable, and confident in a variety of situations, along with the knowledge to know when trouble is coming.
tackles, and various submission ranging from chokes, arm and leg locks, while at the same time focusing on defending each move too.  With our Self Defense class we strive to take it to the next level by adding in weapon defense whether it be, from guns, knives, baseball bats, or multiple opponents.  With this as our focus we pull heavily from two INCREDIBLE systems for their practical self defense.  The first being Kali or Arnis, or Escrima depending on where you're from.  It's a Filipino based system that focuses on weapons training first and foremost and guerrilla war tactics.  Unlike most martial arts or fighting systems that start people learning basic punches, kicks, and grabs, Kali focuses on weapons FIRST.  Instead of training for years unarmed, and then using a weapon, the system was developed using either a knife, or a stick, or double knives, or double sticks, or a stick and a knife day one so that the students would immediately  be able to defend themselves and their families.  At the time these methods were developed multiple attackers who were also larger, stronger, and better armed was standard as they were when the Philippines were invaded by the Spanish, French and Dutch who all had armor, rifles, and much better swords versus the native Filipino's who had inferor steel for their swords but a NEED to protect themselves and their families.  The second system we borrow heavily from is Jun Fan Gung Fu / Jeet Kune Do Concepts as created by Bruce Lee.  What many don't know is that Bruce Lee was a avid boxer as a child along with getting in many street fights that drove him into traditional martial arts like Tai Chi, and eventually into Wing Chun, which was developed by a Chinese nun as a means of self defense.  Blending the best aka the most practical Asian martial arts with, modern boxing, wrestling, and any thing else he could find that
work he created his system of Jun Fan Gung Fu which literally translates into "My Hard Work" (Jun Fan was Bruce Lee's Chineese first name, and gung fu and kung fu literally means "hard work".  After working with some of the best Martial Artsit and fighters of his time Bruce Lee found his own system of Jun Fan Gung Fu to restrictive and started Jeet Kune Do, which adopted the simple principal of use what works, because what works is all that really matters in a fight.  As with most styles there was preprogrammed response to a attack, with Jeet Kune Do it was simply about winning.  If someone has to pull a gun or knife to get someone to leave them alone then that was fine, if someone has to kick someone in the groin that was fine, if someone has to use mace and then hit someone with a car then that is fine.  From that Relentless MMA has adopted one

single rule to self defense that everything we teach must fall under.

     We accomplish this by training in blunt and edge weapons offensively and defensively along with working with Firearm defense and with regular field trips to the shooting range for those interested to learn more about firearms.  We believe in order to stop a thing we must first understand it.  Many styles have come up over the past few years boasting weapons defense but have not taken the time work with people who have worked in live fire situations.  Because of this the instructors at Relentless MMA have spent time training with various   military personal from the basic to the special forces level to bring the the BEST, most KNOWLEDGEABLE, and HIGHEST QUALITY instruction we possibly can.  We are RELENTLESS in our pursuit of better training methods.  Ways to improve ourselves, and our students.  Our goal with our self defense class is not to just make you feel safe but to make sure if anything bad might happen you have the ABSOLUTE BEST information and training on how to "Get Home Safely".  

   We know many people train in "Self Defense" styles don't see the benefit of learning sport fighting like Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Wrestling, Judo, and Mixed Martial Arts but all of these styles have merits that bring out faster reaction times, better hand eye (and even foot eye) coordination, along with being GREAT forms of stress release and teach people how to react under real stress, not just someone trying to grab you like a 1950's robot going at 0.2 miles per hour as many martial arts and self defense schools practice their "self defense" techniques.  We focus on keeping things as realistic as possible   When we train we try to make it "Alive" doing unrehearsed movements, weapons, stress, sounds, and distractions that you might find in real life to make your training the best it can be.


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MMA Seminar questions

I've gotten a few questions about the seminar ie am I just going to be covering moves that are allowed in the UFC or other organizations as well.  I'm going to be covering all facets of MMA, from soccer kicks to downed opponents to counter slams, not being thrown out of a ring, and avoiding groin shots (in Brazil people get dirty to win)  I'm also going to go over how each technique applies to the street, moves change when you do them on concrete with no gloves, no ref, eye gouges, no time limit, and clothes that limit mobility.

If anyone has any direct questions regarding, strikes, submissions, takedowns, punches, knees, elbows, fight prep, and self defense just shoot them to me here on fb or dave@dcathlete.com 

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Relentless MMA's Muay Thai Kickboxing Program

Muay Thai/ Thai Boxing/ Thai Kickboxing


Muay Thai is a in a incredible Sport, Fighting style, and Experience!  Thai Boxing or Thai Kickboxing as it’s called by many Americans is actually called Muay Thai and is the National Sport of Thailand.  Muay Thai was developed in Thailand (formerly known as Siam) originally as military training for it’s soldiers called “Kabri Krabong” that used one or two swords, staffs, spears, shields, bows, horseback riding and other military skills.  From a system developed to defend their country it found it’s way into standard unarmed training for civilians and the national sport using many of the same movements they used when carrying weapons.  From there it became “Muay Boran” which took various forms where finally after years of changing and refining techniques to make them more functional for unarmed fighting and the ring instead of the battlefield “Muay Boran” the science of nine limbs;  both hands, both elbows, both knees, both feet, and the head butt , became “Muay Thai” the science of 8 limbs; Both hands, both elbows, both knees, and both feet.

What really makes Muay Thai so AMAZING is the simplicity and straight forward approach to training, which gets people in great shape, teaches amazing hand-eye coordination, practical self defense, while developing focus, relieving stress, and helping people better manage and control it.  Muay Thai’s has become one of the single most well known Martial Arts over the past 2 decades due to it’s effectiveness in the Ring, Cage, and on the Battlefield for it’s knock out power, for it’s incredible elbow, knee, and kicking techniques most forms of boxing and kickboxing leave out.  Muay Thai has become HUGE in Mixed Martial Arts events like the Ultimate Fighting
Championship, Bellator, Strikeforce, and Pride FC, along with Kickboxing Organizations, like K-1 who’s top fighters have all trained extensively in Muay Thai along with being incorporated by our Nations Military at various levels and by our Special Forces teams especially. 


Our program at Relentless MMA blends several different styles of Muay Thai to focus on developing Two things
                1:  A practical and easy to learn defense to attacks, like Elbows, Punches, Knees, Kicks, Tackles, and Grabs
                2:  How to generate MAXIMUM power on each technique while still maintaining a strong defense.   Which in part comes down to CARDIO/ENDURANCE.   (NO DROPPING YOUR HANDS AND LETTING LOSE WITH WILD PUNCHES AND HAYMAKERS HERE)

We do this by focusing on our Student/Athletes by teaching, challenging, and encouraging them mentally and physically to be their best.  After our students have learned the fundamentals and have learned how to protect themselves (ONE OF YOUR TOP FOCUSES) and learn how to maximize their Movements (Quality over Quantity) we will add in more advanced moves, counters, setups and strategies to teach someone how to fight any kind of fighter from the crazy macho drunk guy at a bar, to the seasoned vet who’s been competing in Muay Thai or MMA for years.  The result is Happy, Confident people who can enjoy a athletic energetic life free of many of the stresses many experience, combined with a body that makes them proud.


Muay Thai will make you feel and look better.  Our workouts are always focused on being fun and
challenging with up beat instructors that are dedicated to helping you bring out your best and coaching you to excellence, instead of running you through some boring erratic “cardio routine”.  We challenge everyone to their potential so that you grow as an individual.  We encourage all of our students to tell their coaches what their goals are mentally and physically so that we can better challenge them and help them grow.  We offer no standard responses or fixed routine.  Every class is tailored to the practitioners /athletes in it, helping them to work to the next level with their technique and their body.

Our workouts combine the best exercises for flexibility, coordination, fat loss, while building muscle and endurance both aerobically and anaerobically, using traditional Muay Thai exercises with modern breakthroughs.


 NO!  Safety is our primary concern.  Making sure people are in a safe training environment speeds up the learning curve.   The last thing we want is people stressed out about coming to class because ‘they’re going to get beaten up to the point where they are leaving black and blue and are embarrassed to go out in public.  Despite our somewhat “Brutish” name we are focused on safety.  You will hear two chant’s in class regularly.  Coach will yell out “Brain Damage” class yells out “BAD”, coach yells out “Dentist” class yells out “EXPENSIVE”.  We don’t train to knock each other out, we train to be our best, and to help those around us be their best because then they will be more inclined to help us become the person we want to be at the end of the day.  We encourage mutual respect between people in our gym because without them our own personal goals get farther and farther away.  We are ALWAYS “TEAM” focused.  Together Everyone Achieves More!


NO ONE AT THE GYM IS FORCED TO SPAR!  We do offer and encourage sparring for people who have reached a certain level of proficiency with their defense.  We focus A LOT more on defense then other gyms that let people just go swinging on each other.  We understand that in a real fight when you hit someone their going to try to hit you back even harder so we might as well prepare for that so it doesn’t catch us by surprise and lead to brain damage which we’ve all decided is “BAD”.  The majority of the sparring for Muay Thai will be done only with necessary protective equipment, between two people who understand how to control their power and tempo, and under the supervision of one of the coaches to further ensure things don’t get out of hand.  Our number one focus is learning and we are Relentless in that pursuit, hence our name Relentless MMA


NO, NO ONE HAS TO COMPETE UNLESS THEY WANT TO!  All of the coaches at our gym
have competed in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Submission Wrestling, and MMA and they have enjoyed it but we know it’s not for everyone.  It’s a huge commitment in time to properly prepare and we understand some people have responsibilities that don’t make competing in a Thai fight or MMA fight feasible because they have crazy work schedule, prior injuries, family and life commitments that don’t afford them the time some people have.  We do however help those people who can’t compete but want the fun, challenge and growth of training for competition hit their peak for what time they can invest whether it be by sparring with their competitive teammates or helping them train by drilling with them, and sometimes just doing their conditioning and weight loss circuits with them.  We believe in TEAM, Together Everyone Achieves More.  I myself have benefited greatly by my teammates helping me prepare for many fights and competitions, and have also helped out my teammates by training with them or doing conditioning with them to help them stay focused and their spirits up.  It’s a GREAT feeling either way, and when people are ready I encourage it.  If you do decide to want to compete tell you coach your goal, and we’ll begin getting you ready mentally, and physically, and find you a fight at whatever level your interested whether it be locally, nationally,  internationally, or pro.


Your coaches will be Coach Dave Carter and Mikey Custodio who have spent a culmative 30+ years practicing  and coaching Muay Thai to men, women, and children, who’ve used it for exercise, personal development, self defense, and competition.  They’re biggest influence is Brahm Ajarn Surachai “Chai” Sirisute who founded the Thai Boxing Association of America in 1968.  We also coach the Crazy Monkey system of Boxing and Muay Thai developed by Rodney King of south Africa (no relation to the one beaten in LA) along with Savate Thai Cross training aka STX as developed by Eric Paulson.

Coach carter is also a former World Kickboxing Association Super Heavyweight Muay Thai champion, with still a few Muay Thai fights left in him.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for and you’d like to sign up for FREE CLASSES then contact us at
Dave@DCAthlete.com or call 202-670-1662

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Women's Only Open Mat

This is for women only, lets get together and have some fun and get our roll on! All skill levels and affiliations welcome. Gi or No Gi.


Relentless MMA
14740-D Flint Lee Rd, Chantilly Va 20151
for more information email or call Rebecca at 571-419-4609

MMA for the Ring, Cage, or Street Seminar

MMA for the Ring, Cage, or Street Seminar

 Learn Moves That Work ANYWHERE


How to combine punches, kicks and takedowns
How to throw punches, elbows and knees from practically any position on your feet, clinching or on the ground
How to keep the fight standing if you're a striker
How to take the fight to the ground if you're a grappler
How to submit your opponents
How to escape from some of the worst positions in MMA

Train with professional Muay Thai, Boxing, Submission Grappling and MMA coach Dave Carter. He will teach how to blend striking with submissions. Learn the HIGHEST percentage combos for MMA to set up kicks, knees, elbows, AND takedowns and learn how dominate from the top with strikes and submissions. On the opposite side you're going to learn how to defend takedowns to keep things standing, and how to escape the most horrible ground positions. This seminar is for new and experienced - If you've never trained MMA before then this is for YOU!!! Learn the WHOLE game!!!

I've been asked a few questions from various strikers and grapplers about the seminar so I want to go over the overriding focus. The focus of the seminar is going to be raising peoples "fight IQ".

Showing strikers how to stay standing and if need be go for a takedown and finish, and for the grapplers to set up a takedown with strikes, or be able to outstrike a superior grappler.

For new people it will just be an intro to the whole game and then they can pick what part to develop.

About the coach:

David Carter has trained in various martial arts for over 10 years ranging from Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Savate Thai X-Training, Combat Submission Wrestling, Freestyle Wrestling, Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Filipino Martial Arts, Shooto, and Jun Fan Gung Fu among others, styles proven affective over the years on the street, and in such events as the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and it’s Japanese counterpart Pride FC. A competitor and champion in several Kickboxing, Submission Grappling, and Mixed Martial Arts events, Dave has also battle tested all of his techniques in the REAL WORLD as a security specialist and consultant since 1997 when he started handling security for parties in college and was later asked to work all over DC and VA in clubs and bars for his Security, Personal Protection, and Resolution skills. With all of this he possesses a unique understanding of what works in the ring and what works on the street.

As well as being a martial artist David has discovered what does and doesn't work inside the gym. How to manage weight for competitions and for life, and get the utmost out of his training, and he brings that to his clients in a simple no nonsense manner that cuts to the root of the peoples problems and corrects them.

His students are from all walks of life from teenagers, college students, stay at home moms, software engineers, law enforcement, all branches of the military, the disabled and Senior citizens.

$25 Pre registration by 8/17
$35 Day of/After registration

August 24th 11am - 2pm

 Relentless MMA 
14740 - D Flint Lee Rd 
Chantilly Va. 20151
email Dave@DCAthlete.com or call 202-670-1662 for more information