Friday, March 23, 2012

Stance, Posture and Defense

When it comes to the basics of a solid Stance/Posture Rodney King (of South Africa) is the MAN!!! I've trained in over 22 different fighting systems/martial arts and for teaching a fundamental defense to all types of punches, kicks, and clinching his is the Quickest to learn and easiest to put into practice, and THAT is what you need! Something that WORKS when all else doesn't and that gives you a strong foundation or even a default for when the flashier stuff doesn't work. Believe me few strategies can be applied so easily and so well to boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Mixed Martial Arts as this.

In short, when the shit hit's the fan go Crazy Monkey!

Unfortunately due to people trying to steal a lot of his material I can't embed all of his Youtube videos on my blog so I'm just going to post the links and let you do the rest!!!

Enjoy and Improve! This is a INCREDIBLE series I HIGHLY suggest you give it your attention!

CM Hunchback Stance

Understanding the Outside

Rimshot Range Concept

The BIG MISTAKES 1 (learn how to avoid them)



Footwork Strategy for Sparring (SUPER IMPORTANT)

Diving Board Jab and Cross the CMD way

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