Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Monday Night

Monday night class, man I love and hate it at the same time, it's been like this for years well except fact I'm the one thinking he's about to puke. Oh hold on let me back up, for those of you gym junkies and mat rat's you know what Monday Night is about, it's about TRAINING, it's about SWEATING, and it's about PUSHING YOURSELF TO THE NEXT LEVEL (yea I know a lot of caps but some things are worth it). For of you confused non mat rat's or gym junkies I'll explain.

Monday is the end of the weekend and the beginning of the work week, duh, well that brings stress and BS we mat rats and gym junkies and we have to get it out, and odds are most of us took Sunday off, and we're looking to set some record or hit some goal one more time just cause you haven't done it in years. Anyway when Monday meets the Mat rat/Gym Junkie it's all out war, and there's no place I'd rather be than a good MMA gym.

Well my mondays have changed I'm living in LA now and Training at legends which is so sweeeet, but at the same time I'm angry about my loss of timing and endurance in the year and a half I hald to take of for my knee. But you know what...

I love it.

I love training.

When I was back east I was either in Arlington working standup and sparring boxing and muay thai for or in Camp Springs at Master Lloyds getting beat on buy him, Master Donny, Melvin, and big Phil, but guys like Mayhem (Miller) and Ahmer (the egyptian Juggernaut) constantly attacking me and pushing my game, and my limits is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Every night I wish my memory, timing, and endurance were up to snuff but I know thats time and kettlebells.

If you're not a mat rat or gym junkie this probobly makes no sense, if you're on the road to becoming one remember to take it one day at a time and enjoy every gruiling miserable monday night. Ahhh Monday Night..... so tired

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