Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Kettlebell is Your Friend

I know people say you can use a dumbbell for vast majority of the exercises but it's not the same. I mean there's no way to do a bottoms up press anywhere close to how you do it with a kettlbell. I mean I'll use a dumbbell for a exercise if I have to but it's like using a butter knife instead of a screwdriver. It's a tool that'll fix the problem (at least in my world, I keep things simple) but it's not "right" one, and things are a little more slow and clumsy and leaves me with a dissatisfied taste. Now I'm not saying I don't like doing 90lbs dumbbell cleans at the local gym but I'd MUCH rather do them with a Kettlbell.

Anyway Here are a few of my FAVORITES!!!!

Make the kettlebell your friend you'll NEVER REGRET IT!
(and if you don't have one use a dumbbell till you can get your hands on one, these exercises are MONEY!)





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