Sunday, July 5, 2009

Workout of the Day

Here's a little workout from me to you. It's summer and everyone in LA wants to go to the beach, and with this weather I understand why, but for some reason people are still staying indoors, and to be honest I think it's got something to do with the I like this one because it's a easy home workout, and by easy home workout, I mean it doesn't take much equipment (just a stability ball), it's inexpensive, doesn't take a lot of space, and IT WILL GET YOU IN SHAPE FAST!

I made this workout very scalable aka you can do a little or a lot. If you haven't done anything in a while I suggest reviewing the videos at the bottom and take your time going through it, and just work on good form.

On to the workout

You have a few options here. You can just do your level Beginner, Intermediate or Avanced and just go for one round/set or you can turn this into some real FAT BURNING I WANT TO GET INTO SHAPE FUN

Now you can do that by going through the circuit once, taking 1 to 5 minutes to get your wind back(listen to your body, I want sweat, not heart attacks) and hitting this circuit again and again either at your level or if you feel more comfortable taper it and do a intermediate circuit and then follow it up with a beginner circuit. Whatever you do, remember THE KEY THING IS ACTION!!! Wether you do a little or a lot if you want to get in better shape YOU have to do something. The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and you can take your first step today.

You have to take your health seriously, and it can start today with this little workout.

You know you want to give it a shot


Toe touches Beginners 5 Intermediate 8 Advanced 10
Russian Twist Beginners 8 Intermediate 12 Advanced 20
Stability Ball Bridge Beginners 10 Intermediate 15 Advanced 20
Judo Pushups Beginners 4 Intermediate 7 Advanced 12
Jumping Jacks Beginners 10 Intermediate 15 Advanced 30
Lunge and twist Beginners 8 Intermediate 12 Advanced 20
(alternating between the left and right leg)
Windshield wiper Beginners 6 Intermediate 10 Advanced 20
Walkout Beginners 4 Intermediate 6 Advanced 10

Toe touches

Russian Twist


Judo Pushups

Lunge and twist

Windshield wiper

Mountain climbers


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