Monday, January 30, 2012

January 25th WORKOUT

Well this is a LATE post but you'll understand in a minute why. Well what was my workout for Wednesday the 25th.... Well it was one of the most physically and mentally challinging workouts of all. MOVING!!!

I moved out of my place a 3 story town house into my girlfriends, and MAN carrying my giant L-shaped desk down a "modern" stair case was TONS of core and stability work. Not to mention all the book boxes and breaking down the bed frame and trying to get it to not hit the walls....

But in short, I did tons of squats, lunges, deadlifts, zercher squats, stepups, curls, and farmers walks for 4 and a half hours then drove it to my new place and unloaded it in a hour. Oh it was a mess but I had to get to the gym to do some privates in MMA and stick fighting (man that was the easy part of the day)

So anyway I'm still getting things in order and setting up my home gym but most morningg I wake up, check my email and then go straight to figuring out how all this crap is going to fit in one space BUT give me the most space for working out ;)

and I still have to get a new bag too :D

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