Monday, January 9, 2012

January 7th Workout aka The Copa Nova Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament

Well there's a long story behind this one so I might Come back and edit this for the full story but right now I just want something up.

Long story short, I quit grappling for 4 weeks to do a Muay Thai fight, after that I had to let some injuries heal, and then work got super busy so I couldn't make my usual class times or meet my training partners for a good roll here and there like before. So anyway I told some friends I was going to do the Pan Ams, and possibly the worlds in BJJ which are pretty big deals so after saying that and driving home I found it impossible to look myself in the mirror with those goals and not do the Copa Nova which was only 8 miles from my girlfriends house. Sooo I signed up for a tournament with 5 days notice and with only about 45 minutes of BJJ training in 4-5 months. But hey, I'm the kinda guy who's competed before and looks forward to losses because I know they make me push for something better.

Aaannnyy Way below is a break down of what happened. Not my best competition but I GOT IT IN!!! I didn't let my fears stop me, i didn't let my excuses stop me. I DIDN'T LET ME STOP ME!!!

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