Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2nd 2012 Morning Workout

I woke up and putzed around the house and tried to come up with valid reasons stall my workout like "I can fit my workout in between clients" "This'll be much better at the gym" "I'm not a morning person" and all of have some validity but really it's just BULLSHIT!!! I've made those same damn excuses before and the answer was no workout later in the day because of course life/bullshit happens and things get thrown off course so I bit the bullet and knocked out a quick workout.

January 2nd workout

body weight box squats x20
iron cross x20 with 2 10lbs dumbbells
forward lunge and overhead press x10 with 2 10lbs dumbbells
reverse lunge and overhead press x10 with 2 10lbs dumbbells
overhead squat x10 with 2 10lbs dumbbells
parallel pull ups x10
zercher squat x10 w 35lbs kettlebell
overhead squats with 2 10lbs dumbbells
single arm high pulls x10 with 63lbs kettlebell
zercher squats x10 with 63lbs kettlebell
parallel pullups x 10

I DID IT! I FEEL BETTER! (Hell I even did it while watching one of my favorite tv shows.) I'M DEFINITELY DOING IT AGAIN TOMORROW!!! Not the same workout, that would bore me but I'm definitely going to get back in FIGHTING SHAPE at my fighting weight. Now to figure out if I want to do a skill workout later today or a endurance one.

Either way I'm PUMPED!!!!

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